Ultimaker 3d printer family revealed

Ultimaker is one of the most user-driven 3D printer companies. Although still a relatively small company, it has managed to win over the trust of its consumers. The company demonstrated how much it values its customer base with the latest models of its printers. While the Ultmaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended were great, they were not perfect. The company noted these issues and came up with new models for 2016. You can read the latest reviews at 3dprintinggeeks.com.

Driven by feedback

Extruder upgrades increase reliability

The Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ have already proven to be a hit with consumers. The company announced that it expects to see a jump in its revenues from last year. According to the CEO, both of these new 3D printers incorporate ideas developed by the Ultimaker community. Unlike other electronics, 3D printers are still in their formative stages. Any idea that anyone has is crucial to charting a better course for the future.

The company had a focus on three major areas that community members raised. For one, most felt that the cooling system was not efficient enough. As a result, some of the prints would be a bit deformed from taking too long to cool. Another issue that was raised was that the extruder would at times jam. This was due to insufficient torque for pushing this filament forward. Lastly, some people complained about the nozzles. Changing the nozzle in past models require a complete overhaul of the heating block.

Improving on their improvements

New extrusion upgrade kit

The company responded to this by overhauling the entire extruder. This means that filaments will now be gear driven. Thus, the issue if jamming will likely be no more. In addition, one can control the pressure they want their filament to be driven with. This is essential for people who deal with filaments made of tough materials.

The other major issue has been the cooling system. This has also been entirely overhauled. The feeding of cool air from the cooling fan is now more efficient. As a result, prints will have fewer issues with deformities. This is especially important for people who deal with PLA. Additionally, the gears can now be unscrewed with ease. This will be essential for people who want to influence the printing speed or refinement. All the different nozzles now come in different bore sizes.

The nozzles also come with different levels of hardness. As a result, users can extend the shelf life of the nozzle. For harder materials, people can choose a more hardened nozzle. Anders Olsson, after whom the new Olsson block is named, made this discovery.

The future is bright Ultimaker and it’s customers

Ultimaker has been reaching out to many people. Already they have a number of collaborations that they are working on. In the 3D printing industry, a company will find it hard to make it on its own. The company has managed to carve out a great niche for itself despite being tight. For them, capital does not appear to be an issue. They always have a reliable developer community to help them. For now, their strategy is to increase collaboration with industry players to improve 3D printing technology.