Most people marvel when they use everyday gadgets in their homes. It might seem completely incredulous how some of this objects come into existence. However, some of these items can also be very expensive. As a result, items, which are quite simple end up being considered luxury items. One of these items is headphones. Despite the technology for them being relatively cheap, getting well-designed ones can be very expensive.


A Dutch company identified this issue and aimed at bringing the items closer to the user. It is believed that people feel more comfortable when they are incorporated into designing a product. In line with this, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to get some money to launch this project to the masses.

If their campaign succeeds, it could revolutionize how people purchase headphones. The good thing about the best 3d printers on the market is how cheaply and reliably you can print things. When you purchase these earphones, the company will send you a kit and instructions.

How their product works

The kit includes some unprintable things and files for the components you need to print. These components can easily be printed in any color you like from the comfort of your home. Because the company does not do any assembly, the cost could come down in a significant way. This is because the assembly is one of the most expensive factors facing most electronic goods.

It’s a disruptive model

The company as of now only sends the unprintable parts in black color. In future, even such will come in different colors. The company’s vision is in line with the goals of 3D printing, which are to end reliance of mega manufacturers. The more power a person has in their hands to customize products, the cheaper the goods will become. The Kickstarter campaign has so far enjoyed huge success and has elicited the support of many.